Insurance & Rates

Your personal cost will depend on whether you intend to access insurance benefits or self-pay for your therapy. If you wish to self-pay, my rates are listed below. If you intend to use an insurance plan, please contact your insurance company and inquire whether Cureton Counseling and Consulting is in network with your insurer. You should request information about “in network” or “out of network” benefits for out-patient therapy. The company can let you know what your financial responsibility will be for out patient therapy. If you do not contact your insurer prior to your first appointment, please come prepared to pay the full price of $150 for your initial session. I will file the claim on your behalf and in the event I am reimbursed any part of the funds, I will return them to you. 


Initial session - $150

40 minute session - $100

60 minute session - $150


Payment Policy

Payment of your financial obligation is expected at the end of each appointment. Cash, checks (made payable to Cureton Counseling) or credit cards are accepted. If you arrive late to an appointment , please expect your appointment time will be shortened. I require a 24 hour notice for all cancellations of scheduled appointments. If you fail provide the required notice, you will be charged $100 that must be paid prior to you being rescheduled.